A Wise Child

Written by edgewoodpres on Aug 26, 2015 in - No Comments

 “The proverbs of Solomon Son of David, ruler of Israel: for women and men to learn wisdom and self discipline, and to understand words of enlightenment”    Proverbs 1:1-2

We do not read the book of Proverbs much.  It does not show up in our lectionary as commonly as other scriptures.  And honestly, I don’t read this book often in my personal devotions.  Do you?

We should read it more often because from the beginning we are told that the proverbs are given to us for wisdom and self-discipline.  And we really need wisdom and self-discipline. Not just the household of faith but also our leaders, here and all over the world.

Indeed I found some sound advice and pearls of wisdom as I read Solomon’s words.  Solomon tells us what to do when we cannot keep a promise; gives advice to the lazy; and tells of the benefits of a life lived in the fear and ways of YWHW.

Those who love discipline love knowledge; those who hate to be corrected are stupid”

These words in chapter 12, verse 1 almost shocked me.  I say ‘almost’ because after pondering them I agree with them.  The shock came in the way the wisdom was given.  We are taught never to call another ‘stupid’.  But, if we stop to consider that one person who we call a ‘know-it-all’ or the person that you cannot tell anything, then we can see what this proverb is saying.  People like that fall into traps of their own making. Don’t ever get to the place wherein you can’t learn from someone else’s wisdom.  Some of my best life lessons I learned from those who have gone before in the direction I am going.  Ministers who have served congregations long before I entered ministry gave me sound advice and wise correction.

My challenge to you, brothers and sisters, is to listen to sound advice from the Proverbs, from others in the faith and yes, from sermons preached.  Listen to what the scriptures tell and then be willing to allow the scriptures to correct and discipline.

Don’t be stupid. A wise child listens to discipline; the senseless child doesn’t take to reprimands. (13:1)

With love and wisdom,